Angry Mountain Productions is proud to release our first series, Tradition. Tradition is a day to day YouTube series encompassing six friends. Jason Phelps, Nick Schmit, Jon Gabrio, Tyson Drevniak, Charlie Smith and Kelley Smith. They hunt six states in the fall of 2018. Everything from archery elk, muzzleloader elk, rifle and even deer hunts. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified of our daily video as each drops at 5pm day after day. Find out what Tradition means to us, as hunters, family, conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts. This action packed series is one you will surely not want to miss!


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In today’s day and age, everyone has the equipment to take photos and video, but not everyone has the ability to tell a story through their lens. At Angry Mountain Productions we have a desire share our passion for hunting and the outdoors with the rest of the world through the lens of a camera. We have created a day to day series to share our experiences in the outdoors with you, whether you're sitting at home, work or even in the outdoors yourself and want to enjoy exciting experiences that you experience or dream of yourself. Please view our videos and leave comments about your reactions!